At Smith Conerly LLP, our legal assistants play an integral role in the daily operation and administrative functions of the firm. Meet the experienced and valued members of our team.

Tiffany Pauley

Tiffany is an indispensable asset to Smith Conerly's Bankruptcy and Real Estate team, serving a crucial role and providing valuable expertise in real estate transactions and bankruptcy matters, specifically in Chapters 7 and 11 cases. Beyond her role in the team, Tiffany takes on the responsibilities of the office manager, overseeing the firm's accounting matters. This includes efficiently handling tasks such as processing client invoices and payments, showcasing her multifaceted contributions to the firm's overall operations.

Karen Earnest

Karen plays a key role in supporting Smith Conerly's litigation team, primarily focusing on providing essential assistance in case administration. Her contributions are instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning of the team's litigation efforts, demonstrating her commitment to effective case management and overall team success.

Mel Speck

Mel is a key member of the Bankruptcy and Real Estate team at Smith Conerly, where she provides essential support in case administration. In addition, Mel also lends her assistance to various office-related matters, highlighting her commitment to facilitating seamless operations within the team and the overall work environment.